Evade code is certainly no stranger to everyone. When participating in the game, many brothers find it difficult to create and set up codes. Understanding that, Vintech City will send you a list of the best quality free Evade code that have been successfully set up. We invite you to experience the same.

1. Introduce about Evade

In the action-packed, frantic arcade game Evade, players must negotiate a variety of hazards and obstacles while avoiding opponent contacts. The objective is to last as long as you can while racking up points and setting records.

In Evade, players steer a quick-moving, customisable character or vehicle across dynamic, gorgeous settings. The game may take place in a variety of locations, including space stations, future cities, or fantasy worlds, each of which presents its own set of difficulties and dangers.

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2. Sharing free Evade code Extreme

  • luckyday—Redeem for St Patricks Day Pin (New)
  • NewYears2023—Redeem for a New Year Cosmetic (New)
  • HolidayUpdateFix—Redeem for 2k Tokens
  • HolidayUpdateFixEXP—Redeem for 300 XP

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Giveaway code for Evade 2023

Giveaway code for Evade 2023

3. Giveaway code for Evade 2023

  • 1bill—Redeem for a free 1B Celebration cosmetic!
  • Evade1K
  • therealdeal—Redeem for a free Bird Badge cosmetic!

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