To have a Project Menacing code to play, some of you have to buy with cash. However, when you buy a code, it will take a lot of time to create and set up your code. Understanding that, Vintech City will share with you the latest free Project Menacing code today. We invite you to consult.

1. Introduce about Project Menacing 

A Project Menacing game is a fighting game based in a town. You start with no Stand, a summons to help you fight in the game. The more you fight, the more you will level up and get a Stand. Once you have your summon, you can start battling other players and become stronger and make your summons stronger too. Each mission you finish will reward you with Cash so you can upgrade your summons.

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2. Giveaway code for Project Menacing  (Working) 

  • 45KLIKES—Redeem for Yen (New)
Giveaway code for Project Menacing

Giveaway code for Project Menacing

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3. Sharing free Project Menacing code (Expired)  

  • TYFOR40KLIKES—Redeem for Cash in-game
  • Christmas2022!!—Redeem for Cash in-game
  • 30KLIKES—Redeem for Cash in-game
  • DATARESET—Redeem for free rewards
  • 20KLIKES—Redeem for Cash
  • 5KLIKES!—Redeem for Cash
  • 7.5KVISITSMAN!!—Redeem for Cash
  • 1MVISITS!—Redeem for Cash
  • SorryforShutdown—Redeem for Cash
  • claimcode/100KVisits—Redeem for Cash
  • claimcode/1KLikes—Redeem for Cash
  • claimcode/RELEASE—Redeem for Cash

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4. How to enter codes in Project Menacing 

It’s easy to redeem codes for free rewards in Project Menacing. To do so, follow the instructions below.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

In the game, press the Gear button in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

In the ‘Redeem Code’ box, enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above.

Press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard to submit the code and claim your reward! Note: This game does not notify you if the code was successful. It only notifies you if the code was unsuccessful.

Above is the latest free Project Menacing code collected and aggregated by Vintech City today. If you have problems with the above codes, please leave a comment so we can help you with the fastest instructions. Hope you guys have a good time!