Game My Hello Kitty Cafe is a game that received a lot of love and support from all brothers. Some brothers do not have much time to plow. Therefore, Vintech City would like to send you a list of free My Hello Kitty Cafe code and full items, generals, and information. Guaranteed you won’t be disappointed. We invite you to follow along.

1. Introduce about My Hello Kitty Cafe

“My Hello Kitty Cafe” is a mobile game developed by Sanrio Digital and available for iOS and Android devices. It is a casual simulation game that allows players to run their own Hello Kitty-themed cafe and serve adorable characters from the Hello Kitty universe.

In “My Hello Kitty Cafe,” players take on the role of a cafe owner and manager. The goal is to create a successful and bustling cafe by serving delicious food and drinks to Hello Kitty and her friends. 

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2. Giveaway code for My Hello Kitty Cafe super vip 

  • 600KHAPPYDAY—Redeem for 3 Gacha Tickets (New)
  • HAPPYGIFT—Redeem for a 200 Million Visits Photo
  • 500KSMILES—Redeem for a Pompompurin Ceiling Light
  • M1HK1CC1ATS—Redeem for a Gacha Ticket
  • LIKEKITTYHL2—Redeem for 3 Gacha Tickets
  • LIKEKITTYXR2—Redeem for 3 Gacha Tickets
  • SMALLGIFT—Redeem for the 100 Million Visits Photo
  • LIKEKITTYXK2—Redeem for a Pompompurin Mascot.
  • thankyou—Redeem for 300 Gems.
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Get My Hello Kitty Cafe code

Get My Hello Kitty Cafe code

3. Sharing free My Hello Kitty Cafe code 2023 

  • LIKEKITTYFD2—Redeem for 3 Gacha Tickets.
  • LIKEKITTYKD2—Redeem for 3 Gacha Tickets.
  • LIKEKITTYDD2—Redeem for the Artistic Waffle decoration.
  • LIKEKITTYQD2—Redeem for a Pompompurin Photo decoration.
  • LIKEKITTYCD2—Redeem for a Gacha Ticket.
  • LIKEKITTYGD2—Redeem for 3 Gacha Tickets.
  • LIKEKITTYED2—Redeem for 300 Diamonds.
  • LIKEKITTYAD2—Redeem for a Sunflower.
  • LIKEKITTYBD2—Redeem for 100 Diamonds.

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4. Get My Hello Kitty Cafe code for free best quality 

  • bebalnakret—Redeem for a free Gacha Ticket
  • HACMUSETTER—Redeem for a free Gacha Ticket
  • PRA3NDKB1UNNY—Redeem for free Gacha Tickets
  • R6P8GM5KH2KC
  • PDABP62—Redeem for a Gacha Ticket.
  • cctxbp—Redeem for 5 Gacha Tickets.

Free My Hello Kitty Cafe code is a hot and attractive game genre not only in Vietnam but also around the world. Vintech City hopes that you will have great experiences. Many of you have tried it and are satisfied, what about you? Join now!