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1. Introduce about Youtube Simulator X

Assuming that “Youtube Simulator X” is a video game, it is likely a simulation game that allows players to experience what it’s like to be a YouTuber. The game may have players create and manage their own YouTube channel, producing videos, gaining subscribers, and earning money through sponsorships and advertisements. The “X” in the title could potentially indicate that this is an updated or expanded version of a previous game or that it includes new and innovative features.

The gameplay may involve making strategic decisions regarding the content of the videos, such as what topics to cover and how to present them in an engaging and entertaining way. The game may also include elements of social media management, where players need to interact with fans and manage comments and messages.

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Sharing Youtube Simulator X code Extreme 

Sharing Youtube Simulator X code Extreme

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2. Sharing free Youtube Simulator X code Extreme   

  • GHOST—Redeem for a Ghost Decoration
  • PUMPKIN—Redeem for a Jack O’ Lantern Decoration
  • CODE—Redeem for a different starter Computer
  • fat—Redeem to make your character large in game
  • flat—Redeem to make your character thin in game
  • tall—Redeem to make your character tall in game

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