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1. Introduce about Youtube Premium

YouTube Premium is a subscription-based service offered by YouTube, the popular video-sharing platform owned by Google. Formerly known as YouTube Red, it was rebranded as YouTube Premium in 2018. This premium offering provides users with an enhanced YouTube experience, along with access to exclusive content and additional features not available on the regular, ad-supported version of YouTube.

2. Why people want free Youtube Premium accounts

  • Ad-Free Viewing: The most significant appeal of YouTube Premium is its ad-free experience. Users who desire to watch videos without interruptions from ads may seek free accounts as a way to access this feature without having to pay for a subscription.
  • Offline Viewing and Background Play: YouTube Premium allows users to download videos for offline viewing and play videos in the background while using other apps. Some users may want to enjoy these features without incurring any costs.
  • Access to YouTube Originals: YouTube Premium provides access to exclusive YouTube Originals content. People interested in watching these original series, movies, and documentaries may look for free accounts to explore the exclusive content without subscribing.
  • Financial Constraints: YouTube Premium requires a monthly subscription fee, and some users may not be able to afford or justify the expense. They may seek free accounts as a way to enjoy the premium features without incurring any costs.
  • Trial Periods: YouTube sometimes offers free trial periods for YouTube Premium to new users. People may look for free accounts to take advantage of these trial periods and experience the premium features for a limited time.
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3. Giveaway account for Youtube Premium 

  • | Password: Gcap6s5726
  • | Password: darftogMea
  • | Password: chayTomp
  • | Password: ouptam3267
  • | Password: Gcap6s5726
  • | Password: darftogMea
  • | Password: chayTomp
  • | Password: ouptam3267
  • | Password: 432672798
  • | Password: cgiyrapms02
  • | Password: tindumbacz122
  • | Password: draylamgtpi
  • | Password: eirmanipx
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Youtube Premium account

Youtube Premium account

4. Sharing free Youtube Premium account 

  • | Password: entabibap
  • | Password: anovLGP
  • | Password: itrivalkga59
  • | Password: ManxAL4PMak
  • | Password: evballyt964
  • | Password: Wonanmock
  • | Password: pcminonkwall
  • | Password: snawintirak
  • | Password: exvachimo92
  • | Password: pWOAMkmzk
  • | Password: camtantin54
  • | Password: epocalxik
  • | Password: isvayh423
  • | Password: rasgihihpt
  • | Password: Plkls1236
  • | Password: Sommacai
  • | Password: SoömacaSa
  • | Password: Acapjmnna
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5. Get Youtube Premium account for free

  • | Password: Mnusn121
  • | Password: Plsmnman
  • | Password: mnvnahEz
  • | Password: Nmvjnses
  • | Password: mnvjnsWz
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  • | Password: vArımncjna
  • | Password: Vaomancvs
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  • | Password: Solanciurts
  • | Password: avoWilolsa
  • | Password: Adomajcsa
  • | Password: Aimnnujnc 

6. How to enter accounts in Youtube Premium

  • Flipkart should first be opened, then you should log in with your mobile number. On the internet, you can also complete it.
  • Once inside, select SuperCoin Zone from the menu, and then search for the poster that reads “YouTube Premium for 2 months with 50 SuperCoins.”
  • In order to use SuperCoins 50, tap on it and select the orange icon that says that.
  • To proceed, select Yes. A discount code will be visible on the following page. In order to copy it and start the Chrome browser, tap on it. By pasting the code, go to
  • Select the “3 months free” option and then press “next.” Use debit or credit to make a ‘0’ payment, then take pleasure.

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