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1. Introduce about Muscle Legends

Muscle Legends is a Roblox game all about building your muscles to become the biggest and the best. Think of it as an online, competitive weight-lifting gym. In Roblox. Here we’ve got a list of all Muscle Legends codes for you.

Sharing free code of Muscle Legends

Sharing free code of Muscle Legends

2. Giveaway code for Muscle Legends 2023 

  • SkyAgility50 – 500 Agility boost.
  • SpaceGems50 – 5,000 Gems.
  • Speedy50 – 250 Agility boost.
  • SuperMuscle100 – 200 Strength boost.
  • SuperPunch100 – 100 Strength boost.
  • MegaLift50 – 250 Strength boost.

3. Sharing free Muscle Legends code Extreme   

  • MillionWarriors – 1,500 Strength boost.
  • MuscleStorm50 – 1,500 Strength boost.
  • Launch250 – 250 Gems.
  • GalaxyCrystal50 – 5,000 Gems.
  • FrostGems10 – 10,000 Gems.
  • EpicReward500 – 500 Gems.

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